Needle and thread

Finally, after what seems a long long time I have done some clothes sewing. Last week I cut out a skirt using an old Butterick See and Sew pattern that I first used when I got my first teaching job …let’s see that would be 1978! It is a basic jeans skirt with five pockets and a zip fly. I found some black pinwale corduroy in the cupboard which will make a very serviceable smart skirt to wear with boots in the winter.

Yesterday I sewed the pocket linings and finished the edges of the other pockets ready to hem and sew in place today. I’m only managing a short time sewing each day because Skye has yet to learn to lie down and relax while I’m at the machine. She is fascinated by the movement of the fabric and wants to get as close as possible to the action. Alternatively she explores the sewing room and finds all sorts of unsuitable objects to chew.  I rolled up a short length of brightly coloured fleece fabric to make her a soft toy to play with today which gave me an extra few minutes before she decided my piece of fabric was more interesting.

The dogs have always had different ways of reacting to sewing, Nino liked to get close to my feet as he got older and often sat on the foot pedal …with surprising and sometimes painful results but when he was young he liked to sit on the chest of drawers by the window and watch the world going by. When Charlie lived with us he would wander round the room snuffling then sigh heavily and lie down in the spot where the hot water pipes ran under the floor and doze. Tilly likes to lie as close as possible to me so when moving around (my sewing chair is on wheels) I have to be very careful not to run over her tail or paws. The sewing room isn’t very big and contains the spare bed as well as my sewing table, drawers and shelves so it is a little crowded with two large dogs in there too – but I am determined to reclaim some sewing time each morning when (in theory at least) they are full of breakfast and ready for some quiet time.

One thought on “Needle and thread

  1. I have a mental picture of all the dogs doing their various things in your room, and can hear the snuffling/sigh from Charlie. Man, I miss that dog! A little sewing every day will soon have this skirt done. Can’t wait to see it.

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