We’ve all been trumped….

I began watching a programme on BBC2 last night a little after the start time so at first didn’t know what it was about, I recognised the scenery though as the Menie Estate north of Aberdeen. I began to take more notice though when the documentary film continued with the tale of Donald Trump (an American) who has bought some land to develop a golf course and hotel and leisure complex.He was originally refused planning permission by the local council because it was a site of special scientific interest but the government allowed the development to go ahead regardless. Donald Trump then began desecrating the landscape to build his golf course and in the process bullied and harassed the local people who were in his way. He insulted them and allowed his workforce to damage their water supply, built huge mounds of soil outside their houses and disrupted their lives in a quite unforgivable way. That however is nothing compared to the desecration of the landscape. He is now trying to force the Scottish government to abandon plans for an offshore windfarm as it will “spoil his view”.

As I watched I felt angrier and angrier, how can the local council, the government (both Scottish and British), the Queen and indeed all the people who live in the United Kingdom allow this to happen? Why is someone from America (despite his much publicised link to the Isle of Lewis ) allowed to destroy a site of special scientific interest, one of the last remaining areas of wilderness left in the UK? If you haven’t seen the film you can access it on i-player or buy the DVD here and also read about the history of the dispute and how to take action. I will be writing to Alex Salmond, the local council, the Grampian Police (who have acted shamefully) and anyone else I can think of to ask what they will do to rectify the situation – not that the damage Donald Trump has done to our coastline can ever be rectified but restoration may be all we can aim for. If you care about our land please write to these people too. As Edmund Burke is often quoted as saying All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.


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