Great British Bake Off and beyond

After the finals were over and the Masterclasses watched, a couple of friends and I were discussing entering for GBBO 4, another friend is in the process of applying too. I’ve thought about it a lot over the past few days – part of me would love to enter, I love baking and enjoy the challenge of making something new. On the other hand I’m not sure if I’d enjoy the TV part of it, yes I know that is what it’s all about! I like to bake because it is relaxing and I can experiment with ideas. I don’t like pressure, I don’t like following recipes to the letter and I have no idea how I’d get on with all the food processors, stand mixers and hand mixers, not to mention the inevitable noise of twelve other bakers, a couple of comediennes and two judges wandering around. I’m used to two big dogs – who know their place in on the floor when I’m cooking- and my son who wanders in and out occasionally, all of whom I can banish at will if I need to concentrate. I doubt Paul Hollywood would take kindly to being told to go and lie on his mat! I couldn’t commit to being available for filming even if I was chosen and would find the traveling and practicing tiring and  expensive.

The application form is quite interesting though, apart from the usual questions about when you learned to cook and whether you have ever cooked professionally, it outlines the categories of dishes you would be expected to bake and asks what the most complicated one of each you have made is and what experience you have at baking in each discipline. Like most domestic cooks/bakers I tend to make a fairly small repertoire of tried and true dishes, maybe not exciting but tasty and reliable.

Looking through them I had an idea, rather than applying for the programme I’ll go through the categories and increase the variety and complexity of dishes I make in each one. I spent a while today looking through some of my recipe books and am challenging myself to make one completely new dish each week. I may have to invite friends round regularly to help test the results!


3 thoughts on “Great British Bake Off and beyond

  1. I rather like the idea of sending Paul Hollywood to his mat! But I like your idea of challenging yourself to bake something new each week. I do this with dinner…at least one new dish a week. It’s fun. And I’m always happy to help you with the tasting….;-)

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