A bit of a grumble.

A couple of weeks ago I had an appointment at the Cardiac clinic which because of an error on my part I missed – I wrote 2pm on the calendar instead of 11 am because I had another appointment card for another clinic appointment at 2pm a few days later and mixed the times up. I realised my mistake just too late to go to the clinic but immediately phoned and apologised and was reassured by a very sympathetic nurse and told I would be sent a new appointment soon. It was an important appointment as I am waiting to hear whether or not this consultant will authorise an angiogram to decide if my heart is healthy enough for transplant surgery (I’m waiting for a kidney transplant) something he assured me he was going to decide on in October after I had had a problem with my heart. So imagine my surprise and distress this morning to receive a copy of a letter that the cardiac consultant has sent to my doctor which says that due to my non-attendance at the appointment he will not see me again. I fully understand that it is frustrating for doctors when patients are late or do not turn up for appointments but in my defense I attend hospital appointments almost every month and this is the first appointment I have EVER missed and I have never been late for an appointment in my life. As soon as I knew I had missed the appointment I telephoned and apologised so the consultant’s reaction seems just a bit unfair. Sending the letter the weekend before the Christmas break makes it even more aggravating as I will not be able to contact either the consultant or my doctor until after New Year.  I’m tired, life with end stage renal failure isn’t much fun, even my usually tactful son commented that I looked awful today after I’d done was a bit of vacuuming. The transplant centre could call any day but without a clean bill of health for my heart they could refuse to perform the transplant …so frustrating..so please pardon my less than festive grumbling.


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