An early New Year’s resolution.

The post Christmas/pre New Year days always seem a good time to take stock of cotton reelsthings, and the usual Christmas relocating of the contents of the sewing room to turn it into a guest room prompted consideration of the pitiful amount of sewing that I did last year.

I made a pair of curtains for the sitting room, a collection of baby hats for a friend, made a black cord jeans skirt for myself and did some repairs. Not an impressive list for someone with a cupboard full of fabric, a room dedicated to housing both sewing and overlocker machines and enough sewing patterns to stock a small shop.

I need to have a look through my wardrobe and work out what I need to keep, replace or add to. I already know that I need to make some new jeans and some blouses and a winter coat. I have both fabric and pattern for the coat so that will be the first item on the list, my January project. My aim will be to make one item each month so that I make a minimum of twelve garments in the year. I will use fabric from the cupboard and not buy any new fabric until the stash is considerably reduced.

























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