Sewing with a plan 2013

My first planned sewing for the year was to be a charcoal grey boiled wool coat which I cut out this afternoon and then decided that the fabric is too soft and stretchy to work as a winter coat. A bit of thought and a rummage through the pattern box and I have recut the coat as a jacket and will make a matching skirt in similar style to the Walter Krines suit I bought a few years ago. The suit was an impulse purchase and an expensive one but one which I have not regretted for a second, it is made from a lighter grey knitted boucle fabric and is warm enough to wear in winter with a woollen sweater and thick tights but can also be worn in the spring and autumn with a short sleeved or sleeveless top. The boiled wool version will be suitable for colder weather. That might sound like an odd thing to be thinking of as we hopefully head for longer warmer days but my sewing plans this year are to make items that will be long lasting additions to my wardrobe rather than items for immediate and temporary use.


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