Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the sewing last…

The last few sewing projects I’ve worked on have been quick makes or things I needed in a hurry and because of this I’ve sewn fast and furious. The suit I’m making doesn’t have a specific finish date and having rushed to cut out the coat before assessing the fabric properly and then had to change my plans I was determined to make time to slow down and enjoy the sewing process. I have of course had some distractions to contend with, Skye loves to join in whatever I’m doing and took a great interest in the measure tape which she is “looking after” here, jan 2013 034and the roll of interfacing which she customised with some muddy pawprints and the odd chewed edge. She and Tilly have however been happy to settle down with a couple of rawhide chews and their raggies while I am at the machine. The suit jacket is going together well, working with wool is relaxing as the seams sew well and press flat easily. The lining fabric is less co-operative as it is slippery and needs to be pressed with a cool iron but the burgundy colour and paisleypaisley pattern will contrast well with the charcoal grey wool.


2 thoughts on “Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the sewing last…

  1. She would love to join in – how she has avoided having pierced ears/nose I have no idea as she gets awfully close to the business end of the sewing machine if she isn’t occupied with a chewy.

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