So, how’s the sewing going?

polar bear cubQuite well, I have lined the jacket though I have some concerns about a woven lining in a stretchy fabric jacket it looks okay and does make it easy to slip on and off even over woolly jumpers. I need to sew in the sleeves but got delayed by sewing the sleeve lining on the wrong sides, I know that no-one would see it but I would know and it would annoy me so I redid the seams right side out. This morning I cut out the skirt panels and also cut out two underskirts from the lining fabric rather than lining the skirt itself. One is for under my black cord skirt. In between the cutting out I waited on hold to speak to the cardiac consultant’s secretary only to find out that having missed the one appointment I have been “removed” from his list of patients and must ask my GP for a new referral, and by the way the next appointment isn’t until April at the earliest.  I have asked the GP to re-refer me but think the whole debacle is unnecessary and will no doubt cost the NHS more than if the wretched consultant just sent another appointment, after all he already has all my notes, results etc. Fortunately I am not in any pain and can wait patiently and politely but I am less than impressed. I had great plans to do some more sewing this evening but got involved watching a documentary about polar bears after I’d done my planning for tomorrow and forgot all about sewing and cardiac consultants while I watched delightful furry baby bears rolling around in the snow.



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