Mes Confitures

In wake of the general grumpiness of yet another visit to the renal dietician I ordered “Mes mes confituresConfitures”  a delicious book of jams and jellies by the French cook Christine Ferber. I am smitten, I want to move to Alsace and shop in a French market and make my confitures with green walnuts and Mara strawberries and Pinot Noir and all the other wonderful ingredients Mme Ferber describes.

On Saturday I made gelée de pamplemousse rose or Pink Grapefruit jelly, it is a pretty pale pink with a delicate scent and taste. This morning the kitchen is scented with the preparations for Conserver au citron et kiwi – Lemon and Kiwi Conserve . I would like to make every recipe in the book, the photography is stunning, the combinations of flavours original and inspiring.


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