Hospital update

After a month on the impossible diet, which in fairness I have to say has had some positive results on my blood tests, I returned to the renal department at 9.00am today. I didn’t see the consultant but one of his colleagues  who, having discussed with me the increased  fluid retention (puffy eyes and ankles and fingers) and general feeling of nausea, itching etc which accompany this level of renal failure, spent the first half of my appointment telling me how much better I will feel once I start dialysis then wandered off to discuss with the consultant the plan (he did ask me what the plan was first but as it seems to change each month I couldn’t help) and came back having completely changed his ideas and gave me a prescription for 3 weeks of new diuretic and blood pressure tablets and an appointment for 3 weeks time with instructions to call the dialysis nurses at anytime between now and then if things don’t improve. I then spent a fruitless hour or so waiting for and seeing the dietician to go over the same ground as last month and she also told me how much better life will be when I’m on dialysis.

Question. If dialysis is going to make such a difference to my life why are we messing about changing one tablet here and cutting another food group out of my diet there instead of just ……. well getting on with it?

Next stop the appointment desk, I handed over the slip on which it clearly said 3 weeks and the clerk offered me an appointment in just over a month so i politely pointed out that I needed to be seen in 3 weeks as I’m trying the new drugs for 3 weeks only. He assured me that my GP can prescribe some more at the end of the prescription I’ve just been given and I pointed out that I’m in end stage renal failure and likely to need dialysis soon hence the increasingly frequent appointments and the three week trial of the new meds. He rang someone else and then said I was to have an appointment on April 22nd which I rejected as being even further away so he took my booking form and said I’d get an appointment in the post and if that isn’t suitable I can phone up and complain. Now I fully accept that clinics are busy and that it isn’t the clerk’s fault if there are no appointments available on the date the consultant or staff request but I felt so frustrated I can understand why people end up shouting at the clerks. I decided I really didn’t feel up to arguing any further so have left it for the time being.

After a further wait to get the prescription filled I was home just in time to eat a quick cottage cheese sandwich and a handfull of pills before going off to work.

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