Nuked and spooked.

Today was a strange day, not least because I was having a nuclear heart scan which meant more time walking on a treadmill then an injection of radioactive dye (sadly I’m not glowing in the dark) and, after a wait and a cheese sandwich, a session being scanned with a huge scanner that looked like a huge open book. nuke The worst part, I’m getting used to the treadmill now, was having to lie still with my arms over my head in the scanner. (The lady in the photo is bending her elbows but my arms were kept straight to enable the scanner to move up and down without crashing into them.) The more I tried to stay in one place the more I itched (another side effect of end stage renal failure is the interminable itchiness of legs, arms and hands) and although the test takes only around 30-40 minutes it felt like a lifetime. I did remember to dress warmly this time though and wore my beautiful Owling mittens to keep my hands from turning blue (thank you Julia!).

Afterwards I had an hour or two at home without the dogs – they were in daycare so I was able to have a rest and do a bit of sewing in peace before picking them up. And it was so quiet without them, it was spooky. I’m used to having two constant companions underfoot, barking at passers by, snuffling at whatever fabric I’m trying to wrestle with, asking to go into the garden just as I get to tricky bits of machining.  This afternoon without them I managed to sew both back and side seams of the Cupro blouse I’m making, sewed the sleeve seams and put the neck facing on. I was able to set up the iron and ironing table nearby without the fear of a ball chasing dog knocking it over and I listened to a chapter of an audiobook while I did the hand sewing. At one point someone posted the new copy of the Phone Book through the front door and I jumped a mile, the combination of lack of dog early warning system and the murder mystery I was listening to did my heart no good at all!



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