Heart Scan no 2, transplants and Vogue 1087 Tamotsu top

Today began with the Nuclear Medicine department phoning me to say they need me to do another nuclear heart scan, not the best start to a morning! The new appointment is on Thursday next week right before my yearly transplant clinic visit so I had to call that department to let them know that I might be a minute or two late but would definitely be coming – don’t want another doctor assuming I’m a no-show if I’m late, especially not the transplant doctor! This of course means it is my second anniversary of acceptance onto The List. Statistically the average wait for a kidney on the list is 3 years so I’m getting closer.  Hopefully the heart scans won’t show anything which would affect my chances of a successful transplant but I have to admit to being a little concerned about why I’m being asked to come back for a second one.

After all the medical arrangements I needed a bit of diversion so I began making the top 1087from the Tamotsu pattern. It is a fairly basic T-shirt shaped top, the pattern suggests a zip in the centre back but I decided to make a button and loop fastening. I had some Hyacinth blue coloured Cupro fabric which I hadn’t enough of to make a blouse but with a bit of creative pattern cutting was just enough for the top. I love sewing with Cupro, it handles beautifully and is easy to iron. Sadly it is very seldom available in the local shops but I have one more piece left which will be enough to make another Tamotsu top. I got both pieces in a closing down sale of a designer fabric shop but they were end of rolls and were much shorter than I’d realised.


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