Foot envy

A while back reading a blog about Bernina sewing machines I saw mention of a jeans foot, for non sewers this means a sewing machine foot designed to aid the production of flat fell seams like those on the sides of jeans. I was jealous, I wanted one but looking in my (admittedly elderly) Husqvarna accessory book it appeared that Husqvarna did not make one to fit my machine. I looked at the Bernina foot and wondered if I could adapt it to fit my Husqvarna machine, I toyed (briefly) with the idea of buying a second hand Bernina machine but that seemed a bit drastic then I got on and made wobbly seams in the jeans skirt I was making and got over myself. Then tonight idly reading through emails I saw an advert for a Husqvarna foot I hadn’t seen before to help you sew multiple rows of fancy embroidery stitches, clicked the link and there beneath it was a jeans foot, a Husqvarna jeans foot that will fit my machine. I don’t want to sew multiple rows of fancy embroidery stitches but I do want to make good jeans seams so I have ordered one. I am unreasonably excited about it, and am planning projects already!


One thought on “Foot envy

  1. How did I not know about such a creature? I am awaiting your review with bated breath as the toile for the next pair of jeans is in the sewing queue! Happy Easter to you, P and the fur babies. x

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