Happy Easter.

Happy Easter. I got a beautiful bunch of yellow tulips yesterday from my son, they are so bright and cheerful, and will hopefully encourage some spring sunshine to come to stay.tulipsyellow

Having sent off for the jeans foot I decided to have a better look at the presser feet that came with my machine and to my surprise found a box of additional feet I’d forgotten all about – and no, there isn’t a jeans foot among them. When I first bought the machine I joined a sewing club at the dealers and would send off for new embroidery disks occasionally and new presser feet too apparently. To my shame, some have never even been unpacked so I spent a pleasant hour or so looking them up in an online accessory catalogue (more up to date than the one that came with my machine) and plan to try them out over the next few days. I also found a box of floppy disks (remember those) with embroidery designs on them. The disk reader in my machine is less reliable than it used to be and won’t load any new disks but hopefully will still read the old ones as there are some unusual designs – including one of the Pope, the one before the one who has just resigned, no I can’t remember why I have it either!



One thought on “Happy Easter.

  1. I do hope the weather is going to take a lead from your flowers. The sunshine at the moment is lovely but its still woolly sock weather! I have a box of feet that I haven’t explored…really need to do that! But no floppy disks…those were the days!

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