Madeira, my dear?

In the hunt through the floppy disks I came upon a Madeira applique design. I’ve recently replaced some of our duvet covers and pillowcases with smart new ones but could not find any bolster cases that I liked. I have one whitework bolster cover that I’m very fond of but the others are plain polycotton and are useful rather than decorative. What better way to test out the Madeira design than to make a bolster cover. A quick trip to the fabric shop to get some 100% cotton in white and pale blue and some embroidery stabilizer and I was ready to start.march 2013 024 The design uses the Mega Hoop – the largest embroidery hoop that fits my machine, a wing needle and a plain micro-sharp needle and tear away stabilizer to support the fine cotton fabric. I used rayon machine embroidery thread throughout  the design as I could not find cotton machine embroidery thread locally and didn’t want to wait to order some online.

march 2013 025

The design isn’t quite wide enough for the bolster covers so I added two more scallops using a wing needle and zig-zag stitch. I still need to embroider two more roses to make the pattern complete.

The central motif has a border sewn using the wing needle too.march 2013 027  Tomorrow I plan to sew the same design at the other end of the fabric so that both ends of the bolster cover are the same, it will then be sewn onto the backing to make a double ended pillowcase .


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