Madeira work, part 2

The bolster case is finished and is on the bed and in use.sewing april2013 004 The blue edging is not a very good match for the duvet cover, trying to carry colours in my head is never a good plan – I should have taken a pillowcase with me. The duvet cover is a V & A design from an embroidered jacket, it is very pretty but the

pillow cases can only be arranged with thesewing april2013 003

patterned edging to the left as the design

looks wrong upside down so I have put the

bolster on top of the pillows instead,

and can see my handiwork better.

I had great plans to continue the heirloom sewing today with a new blouse but woke in the night feeling sick and have spent today feeling generally out of sorts, shivery and nauseous. I decided that would not be a good omen to start using a pattern I haven’t tried before so played around with some shadow work embroidery instead. The following are all made using the same design on white handkerchief linen but the applique fabrics are different. sewing april2013 009The first one uses the pale blue fabric from the Madeira applique but I made the mistake of using a non-soluble stabilizer so the colour looks more muted than I’d intended. Apologies for the black dog-hairs on the linen, Skye is moulting and the hair is very fine but sticks to everything!

Sample 2 is the same fabric but with a pink satin used for the applique, sewing april2013 010the colour is better but the fabric was slippery and more difficult to trim to the stitching line neatly. Finally I tried using a second layer of linen and white thread – this is my favourite version sewing april2013 011but doesn’t show up as well in the photograph as when it is held up to the light. The design is from a larger arrangement called Shadow Work Tulips by Snez Babic intended to be the decoration on the bodice of a nightdress.

My Jeans foot has arrived so I’ll have to have a play with that next!


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