A beautiful blouse and at snip at …

Cutwork-Finesse-202-Emb-ChjMy recent experiences of machine embroidery encouraged me to have a look around the Husqvarna Viking embroidery website at some of the new designs. I saw this blouse and skirt combination and loved the blouse, I have reservations about the skirt but it’s pretty too. A bit of digging around found that the designs Cutwork Finesse are the work of Helene Koch a designer whose work I have admired since the 1990s when she was featured in the Husqvarna magazine ZigZag (which is sadly out of production now). To buy the disk is £70 plus VAT – not cheap but there are over 20 different designs on the disk and the embroidery design is good quality.  Then we come up against the problem of machine/ software versions. I have an early Husqvarna Designer sewing and embroidery machine. I also have Husqvarna 3D Professional software. The machine does not read newer versions of the software and the software does not support the newer and bigger embroidery hoops.The designs are intended for use in some of the larger hoops e.g. the Royal hoop (360 x 200mm) or Crown Hoop (260 x 200mm) neither of which fit my machine. I could split the designs to make them suitable for the narrower Mega Hoop (350 x 150mm) but splitting cutwork designs is fraught with difficulty, not so much with the splitting but the putting back together neatly afterwards. So I began a little research into the cost of upgrading – ha!

The cheapest machine suitable for the size of the embroidery would be £1939, the newest version of the software I already have is another £1099 so lets add that up Total cost for machine, software and design disk £3115 and as the computer I use in the sewing room is older than either machine or software a new laptop would add another couple of hundred pounds to that.

I would have to have plans to embroider an awful lot of cutwork blouses to justify that! In the meantime maybe I should brush up my buttonhole and satin stitches and embroider the blouse by hand instead.


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