Oh no, not another Ruby.

In my pricing of sewing machines yesterday I saw a mention of a Husqvarna RubyRuby sewing machine, those of you who know me know I love Saab Ruby Classic 900 cars and after years of wanting finally bought  myself one two years ago. The Saab Ruby is all I could have hoped for and I love driving it. I love the colour ruby and if I was keen on gemstones would like rubies in jewellery too. The Husqvarna Ruby was a new one for me though, how did I miss its launch a couple of years ago? It has just been updated to the Designer Ruby De Luxe version so the original Ruby machines are being discounted, the new one is £3679 whereas a Ruby mark 1 seems to be available for about £2800. Not exactly a snip but infinitely better than the higher figure. I’ve also seen Ruby machines that have been used as shop demonstrators for around £2000. I’m tempted, very tempted by a demo model, can I justify spending that much on a sewing/embroidery machine when I have one already? Probably not which is why it is a good job it is Sunday and the shops are closed. However looking back through my records I see that I bought my machine over ten years ago, it has certainly had a hard life as when I got it I was doing a lot of both home sewing (curtains, bedding etc) and sewing for school plays (costumes, including cows, camels, chickens etc, scenery and curtains) and making drawstring bags and aprons and dressing up clothes for the children. It’s technology is outdated – floppy disks- and it no longer reads new patterns, it’s received some damage over the years and has a broken top cover, its resale value is probably around £50 but in its favour it still sews well, I have a collection of accessories for it and I enjoy every minute of sewing with it. Over the years I have bought a lot of accessories for it, would they fit the Ruby? The feet certainly would but how about the hoops, the quilting table and the flat bed accessory case? The demo Ruby would come with the basic 5D software package – not as complete as the 3D Professional version but apparently I could import designs from the older one to the other rather than having to upgrade. On the other hand what real benefits will it give me? Other than the wider embroidery field – useful but hardly a necessity, there is a touch screen display (full colour) and a lot of scope for accurate positioning of designs using that, there are a few more stitches though I’d be hard pressed to use all the stitches I’ve got now, a few more buttonholes, ditto, and more memory, again I have yet to fill the current memory, connection to computer is via USB or cable – oh so convenient and less likely to have problems than my ageing collection of floppy disks, udating via the Internet is possible though as the machine has been superseded by the Ruby De Luxe the updating may cease as it did when the Designer was replaced by the Designer SE, Diamond and now the Diamond De Luxe but as the new cost of those is about £5500 that isn’t even worth dreaming about.
Oh well, time to go and enjoy the machine I already have and ponder the possibilities a bit more.


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