I had to take the car for a little bit of work today, nothing too serious just a loose mounting on the exhaust pipe, and had a couple of hours to fill while it was being fixed so I ventured in to town. I had a potter round the market, a sad half empty place these days but there were still a few bargains to be found. I got a very pretty length of duck egg blue cotton with tiny rosebuds which will become a blouserosebud fabric 001. The background is blue although it looks white in the photo.  I also got a length of VW micro bus printed cotton which is destined for a shirt for my son. I almost bought some Liberty silk but I’d spent all my change by then and the market isn’t the place for cheques or cards. I then found a pair of berry red jeans,berry jeans the colour is exactly that of the rosebuds on the duck egg blue cotton – a very happy coincidence. After a quick sandwich and a cup of tea I walked back to the garage to pick the car up and came home to sit in the garden and read/throw a ball for the dogs.


Back to the bolster covers.

The Ruby machine has gone to have a new back cover fitted, it had a small chip in it when it arrived here, I contacted Neil at Coles Sewing Centre (where the machine was used for demonstrations previously) and he agreed to order and fit a new back cover for me. I had planned to get all the embroidery done for the blouse so that I could spend today sewing it up on my other machine but I didn’t get chance to embroider the back so that is now on hold till the Ruby returns.

In the meantime I wanted to make the bolster cover to match the Tulip bedding tulips 002I was given for my birthday. I found a pretty cutwork tulip design that I could sew on the older machine and chose to embroider it in gold to match the stripes on the reverse of the tulip bedding. tulips 021

I then hemstitched the edging with the same colour thread. The colour also matches the gold in the pattern.tulips 022

A beautiful blouse…part 2

After looking at embroidery machines in the wake of the beautiful blouse issue I decided to upgrade to the Husqvarna Designer Ruby, a second hand model which has been used in a sewing shop as a demonstration machine. I love the machine and planned to celebrate its purchase with the making of the “beautiful blouse”. What a trial that has been.

First I bought the suggested Burda pattern 8347 BD_8347and cut out View C in some red and white spotted cotton thinking I could test the pattern and make myself a summery top at the same time. Followed the pattern to the letter but I hated the final shape, the neckline is gaping and sat oddly on my shoulders resulting in far too much cleavage showing if I leaned forward, the cap sleeves were a bit tight and made my shoulders look too wide. I then tried Sewaholic’s Alma blouse 300view A. I used the red and white spotted fabric for this too.This turned out much better although I need to sew the next smaller size as I’ve lost a bit more weight. The neckline sits well and the cap sleeves are just enough shoulder coverage without looking like American Football shoulder pads.

Today I began the beautiful blouse instructions. I cut out view B from the Alma pattern this time, thinking the short sleeves would look pretty. I followed the instructions to cut out the blouse to the waist level leaving four to six inches of extra fabric around the pattern below the waist to allow for the embroidery hoop. Sewed the darts, and pressed them. Then I began measuring up for the embroidery. In the instructions it clearly show the blouse with the design sewn twice once to the right, once to the left meeting in the middle with a few flowers outside the seamline. beautiful blouseHa, maybe if you are a size zero that might work but I’m making a 12, a fairly standard size I’d have thought. There is no possibility of two designs filling the space across the hem of the blouse, measuring the design and pattern it would fit the size zero, almost fit the size 2 but thereafter it is too short. These are big designs that take a lot of stitching out and do not start at one side and sew along to the other so adding a bit more isn’t an option, it will have to be a complete design ie six designs not four. And that will use 50% more embroidery thread, bobbin thread, water soluble backing etc not to mention more time to stitch out. This blouse really is going to be a labour of love! Ah well, back to the machine.