About time…

Apologies for my absence, it’s been a busy few weeks. Firstly Skye was ill, and when I say ill I mean seriously ill, staying at the vet’s ill, being transferred to Liverpool Small Animal teaching Hospital type ill. She is recovering well and when it is all a bit less raw I’ll recount the tale. For now we are just celebrating the fact that she is alive and getting back to normal.

My sewing stalled for a while, the Ruby sewing machine went back to have it’s casing fixed, came back looking wonderful but with a tiny but important piece missing which meant i couldn’t wind any bobbins. A quick email to Neil at Coles Sewing Centre in Nottingham sorted that out and the piece is on its way to me. In the meantime I’ve been embroidering the “beautiful blouse” – and cutting out replacement pieces and embroidering them again. On the third attempt I decided to do the embroidery first rather than sewing the darts first as the pattern suggested as the machine seemed to slip when it reached the darts resulting in a wonky pattern. I finished the embroidered pieces today but you will have to be patient and wait until I’ve sewn it together before I show it to you.

The other day I spotted this fabulous fabric at Truro Fabrics, its cotton pique with a little Spandex to give it stretch

Ascher Tulips  My plan is to make a shift dress if I can squeeze it out of the yardage I’ve got, if not then it will become a Deer and Doe Chardon skirt. It is an Ascher print and is navy on cream but is also available in red and cream, which I’m very tempted by. If the navy is only enough to make a skirt I might have to buy the red to make the dress. I love pique fabric but it is difficult to find in anything other than plain white.



2 thoughts on “About time…

    • Truro fabrics sent it really quickly, I’m very impressed with their service. There isn’t enough for the dress but the Chardon pattern arrived this morning and will be perfect.

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