The “beautiful blouse” is finished.Cutwork-Finesse-202-Emb-Chj Finally, after many twists and turns I sewed the last stitch today. It is drying at the moment, having rinsed it about five times to get rid of the water soluble embroidery stabilizer I gave up and put it in the washing machine. It is now much softer and has lost the lampshade stiffness around the hemline.

I’ll have to post pictures later but suffice to say I am happy with how it turned out, not ecstatic, but happy. Why just happy … well firstly the embroidery thread is very white, the linen less brilliant white so the embroidery stands out more than I’d planned. The fabric looks even more cream coloured now it is wet but hopefully the embroidery will not stand out quite so much as the linen dries. Secondly the design incorporated holes, (well of course it does it’s Cutwork!) some of which are just above the waistline of most of my jeans so when I tried the top on I saw flashes of tummy, not the look I was going for at all. It is fine over a high waisted skirt but most of my jeans are cut just below the waist. Thirdly it is slightly boxy despite the fitted darts and curved side seams though that may be because I was trying it on while it was still full of stabilizer goo and not draping at all. I didn’t bother with the zip this time as the two previous blouses I have made with invisible zips have turned out to be plenty roomy enough to slip on with the zips closed and I don’t like the feeling of the zipped seam on a blouse unless the zip is a very soft and flexible one. My final and tiny niggle is that it looks best over a plain fabric skirt and I have only one skirt that meets this criterion. It is a navy blue jeans skirt, not very summery, so I shall have to make a skirt to go with the blouse in a plain coloured linen with a high waistband. I will not be making a matching embroidered skirt, I have no plans to show flashes of leg too!


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