A fool and her money…

I’ve just been fooled and I’m furious with myself. It’s getting a bit autumnal outside and my thoughts turned to the usual hunt for a winter coat for dogwalking, playground duty etc. Something waterproof and warm to replace the Red/Green of Scandinavia jacket I’ve had and loved for the past 12 years. I was discussing the need for a replacement with my sister and she mentioned a down filled jacket she’d seen made by one of the outdoor clothing manufacturers. I had a look online and eventually found a Barbour jacket I liked, waxed cotton outer, down filling, a good hood and pockets – great!Barbour peninsula It was a bit pricey but Barbour have outlet stores with bargains so I started searching and sure enough came up with BarbourOutlet/barboursale UK – and there was the jacket I liked reduced to half price. Excellent so I found my credit card, tapped in the info and received a fairly standard transaction email in return except for the line which read that my credit card transaction would be billed as payment to RONG JIN TONG FU rather than Barbour Outlet/barbour sale UK as that was the billing agent used and that it might show a slightly different amount due to exchange rates. Hang on, why would Barbour use a billing agent – and a foreign one at that? Checked back to the website and discovered that the Barbour Outlet/barbour sale UK is actually hosted by http://www.wwdn.biz and nothing to do with Barbour.com. I rang the credit card company only to be told that I must wait 30 days before they can dispute the payment, there is no cancellation possible until this time has elapsed. So I have 30 days to stew whilst no doubt Rong Jin Tong Fu is happily spending my money and maybe even using my card number for other purchases. I’ve contacted Barbour and filled in their counterfeit website form so at least they can warn other people not to use it but I’m so cross with myself for not checking their counterfeit website list first – except I didn’t know it existed until after I’d parted with my card details and spoken to the bank. Looks like my old jacket will be in use again this year!


4 thoughts on “A fool and her money…

  1. I have the same situation . But, when I find something different is in 2 days. That’s really bad! May I ask you a question? After that, do you still find any purchase buy Rong Jin Tong Fu or others ? I hope no, because I am afraid that in
    These 2 days.

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