Autumn’s really here now

Years ago when I taught in a special school this  was one of the songs I taught the children in September. It often comes to mind when I’m getting ready for the new term after the summer holidays. September is a strange time for teachers, there is the excitement of new classes, new topics to teach alongside the feeling of sadness that the summer is over and it’s back to work with little respite until Christmas. To all the non-teachers, I know, we’ve just had five weeks off who are we to grumble about going back to work but we do and by the end of next week (if not the middle) we’ll feel like we haven’t been away. Though to be fair most of us have been in and out of school or busy preparing work at home over the summer, there are very few teachers these days who leave school in July and don’t give it another thought till September. I like September, I like the feeling of a new year beginning and although I love the summer and the warm weather I do like the idea of wrapping up in woolly jumpers and scarves and warm socks and boots then coming indoors to a cosy house and drawing the curtains and lighting the fire. By February I will be heartily sick of all the foregoing and long for t-shirts and cotton dresses and long light evenings but for now there is something happy and comforting about preparing for Autumn. My knitting needles are already busy making the boy some warm woolly socks to wear under his boots, I’m knitting them in Regia Snowflake sock wool in an attractive mixture of caramel, duck egg blue, and dark and light greys which produces a striped sock with snowflake like motifs in the stripes. I can usually knit his socks in any dark colour available as they are hidden in his boots but he actually likes this colour combination – is his teenage “any colour as long as it is black” phase finally nearing an end?