These boots were made for walking

Today it was cold and blustery, maybe not the best day to decide I wanted to start walking again. My son took the dogs on a good long walk and then said if I wanted to have a walk he would accompany me. I quickly put on a warm coat, tried my boots on but the fluid in my legs and feet is still too much to fasten them so I wore my old dog walking shoes with a pair of warm socks, found a pair of gloves and we set off. We didn’t walk far but oh the sense of achievement to be out and walking standing tall rather than the painful shuffle of the last couple of weeks. After a while I began to look a little grey and my son suggested we call at a local shop, buy a newspaper and some sweets and head home. I was glad of the rest in the shop for a couple of minutes (and impressed by my son’s honesty when he was undercharged and pointed out the shopkeeper’s mistake) then we walked back home and had a bowl of soup to warm ourselves up. I hope to walk a little further each day, without the dogs for the time being, it will help me get stronger and fitter and I’m hoping help the fluid accumulation to disperse.


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