Transplant socks

While waiting for Sidney the kidney to arrive I cast on a pair of socks for my son. I knitted most of the day while I waited and I knitted a few rows each day afterwards. Sock 1 was finished soon after I came home but sock 2 has taken a bit longer. My first couple of weeks at home were mostly concerned with adapting to the medication and recovering from the resultant D & V and dehydration which is less than conducive to knitting. This week has finally seen sock two finished. I’d post a photo but as soon as I began sewing the ends in my son took off the socks he was wearing and waited impatiently to wear the new ones. They are a little bit big but once they are washed I’m sure they will fit perfectly. I usually name his socks with reference to their colour or the yarn used but from the outset he has called them the transplant socks so that is their name. An unusual name for a pair of socks made during a very special and unusual time.