Ornamented Journey

I was woken early this morning by the sound of a delivery driver trying to force a parcel through the letter box, failing, moving the planter to hide the parcel behind it and in the process knocking over the milk bottles. I scrambled into my clothes and went down to see what all the noise was about and found a parcel from Estonia waiting for me. Inside was a copy of Ornamented Journey by Kristi Joeste and Kristiina Ehin.

If you have any interest in knitting, costume or design or are feeling a bit low because it’s January and it’s cold and damp, and haven’t seen a copy I would recommend you to look for the book to buy or borrow. It is wonderful, the photographs, drawings and stories are stunning and definitely enough to cheer the greyest of January days. There are no knitting patterns as such but instructions for some of the techniques used are included along with photographs and drawings to inspire you.



After an all too short time reading I had to go off to work but my evening’s plans include a closer look at some of the museum pieces shown. I need to get myself some tiny (1-2mm diameter) double pointed needles and some 1and 2 ply yarns to try some of the techniques but I foresee some happy evenings spent experimenting.