How not to make bread in a hurry.

I knew we had no bread left this morning and planned to pick some up on the way home. I took some money out with me but, as so often happens if I have money in my purse when I arrive at work, there was a collection going on and I was soon relieved of it. No problem I thought, I’ll make a loaf when I get home, make a cake in the oven while the bread proves in the warming oven then bake the bread later. All fine, made bread, put it in the warming oven, made cake and baked it in the top oven, removed bread and put it into the hot oven… Without removing the bread former!  As we had tea I noticed a funny smell, a bit like hot cardboard. What could it be? The heating wasn’t on and the fire not yet lit. Realisation suddenly dawned, a very hot and slightly singed looking bread former was quickly removed from the oven and the half baked loaf tipped onto a baking tray and returned to the oven in the hope that it won’t sink into a solid doughy lump. Some of the lower crust is solidly baked onto the former but I think it will come off once cooled. The smell of fresh bread is now filling the kitchen, so much better than hot cardboard!


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