March already.

So how did the February finishing go? The Whitman mitts are complete and ready to send off to my aunt. The photo shows them before blocking. The bottle green socks are done. After a lot of havering I decided that the brioche Fiets Hand Shoes weren’t working in the yarn I was using, it was too stiff so knitting was difficult and when I finished the first glove and put it on it felt scratchy and tight. So theglove was unravelled and will be used for something not for wearing, the pattern that came with the yarn was for a tea cosy – that should have given me a clue maybe!  The Winter Wonder baby suit still isn’t finished but is not far off now. I’m hoping to get it finished over the weekend. My March knitting includes finishing my Sirri Faroese wool sweater, just the yoke and neckband to complete, then I can carry on with the SEM koftar, the beautiful Swedish jacket with tiny needles and fine wool.



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