100 happy days.

imageI know I’m late to the party,as usual, but I saw an article on the 100 Happy Days Challenge while following a link (prevaricating before finishing wallpapering) and the idea interested me. The idea is to post a photo of something that makes you happy each day for 100 days, this will,according to the challenge, make you

– Be in a better mood every day;

– Start receiving more compliments from other people;

– Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
– Become more optimistic;
– Fall in love during the challenge.

I’m not sure taking and posting a photo every day can achieve all this but I do like the idea of noticing and acknowledging what makes me happy, a sort of counting one’s blessings, though I’m not planning to post on either Facebook or Twitter I thought I might post pictures on here.

Starting today, April 21st with a picture of the latest pair of socks for the boy, being worn and shown off by the happy recipient. Why do knitting socks make me happy? All sorts of reasons, they are quick and easy to knit, distract me when waiting for hospital appointments while producing something useful, my grandmother was a great sock knitter (she had lots of sons to knit for ),my Dad knitted his own socks when he left home and I like to carry on the tradition, my son gets cold feet and legs and hand knitted wool socks are best for keeping him warm and I like knowing that beneath his usual black boots he is wearing something colourful, it’s taken years to move him away from wearing black, black or black!


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