100 Happy days 22,23,24

I know, I know it should be one post each day with a photograph but sometimes the moment happens when I have no camera or it is not a photographable moment.

day 22 for example, I was up at around 5.40am because Skye was awake and in need of a trip out to the garden, when we got to the back door I looked out to see two young squirrels playing on the lawn. They were having such fun chasing each other that I held Skye back for a minute then opened the back door in stages to give them time to run off before being chased by two big dogs. Naturally the cheeky pair ran straight up the birch tree where they chattered and called to the dogs in a taunting manner. Once the dogs were safely back inside the squirrels returned to their play and ventured up onto the windowsill to peek in to the kitchen. I haven’t seen any squirrels in the garden before although there are a lot in the park.

day 23 I spent much of the day gardening, cutting the grass and strimming so my moment was definitely this one. The joy of cool clean sheets on a hot and humid evening.tulips 002Yesterday was another hot day, the dogs played in the garden all morning but by lunchtime it was too hot and they were tired so I got an unexpected couple of hours of sewing time while they snoozed on the cool kitchen floor. 

And I got an unexpected present from my friend Evie, a Named Clothing Halava parka pattern which I can’t wait to sew.



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