Liberty Knickers

I have lots of sewing to do, most of it requiring a clear head and a quantity of concentration that I do not possess at the moment. As soon as school finished for half term I got a sore throat which has developed into a miserable infection of throat, sinuses, earache etc. I received the Flo-Jo knicker sewing kit in the post today and decided that should be a simple enough project to complete.



The kit contains a multisize pattern (sizes 8-18), fabric, elastic, ribbon and a label. No thread is included but luckily I had a pink/purple thread that was a good match for the elastic.

The instructions are easy to follow though the elastic was tricky to sew evenly and the instructions for that weren’t very clear. The finished knickers are lovely, the Tana lawn is soft and almost silky, the elastic though a little wobbly matches beautifully. In retrospect I should have made a pair from a remnant of cotton first before cutting into the Liberty print and practiced my elastic application but for a first try they are great. The pattern is reusable so I can make a selection of pretty knickers, I will modify future pairs a little making the front a little higher to cover my transplant scar and make the size 12 rather than the 14 – I have taken a couple of centimetres off each side to adjust this pair. Other modifications – I haven’t added a ribbon bow on the front or the enclosed label in the back, I find the ribbons get caught on buttons and zips and I know I made them myself so why add a label saying so.

Value for money 9/10 , the Liberty kits are £22 plus postage but that includes the pattern, other kits are £15 for spotty or floral cotton fabrics. The kit includes a fat quarter of fabric, a couple of metres of elastic, 30cms of ribbon and the label. Liberty Tana lawn is £22 a metre, knicker elastic costs approximately £1-2 a metre so having bought the first pair for the pattern it will of course be cheaper just to buy fabric and lace next time.

Sewing satisfaction 10/10, a quick project with pleasing results. It has encouraged me to try an elastic sewing foot on the machine or use my over locker to sew the elastic on.


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