Some finished objects at last.

A friend’s son and his wife are expecting their first baby any day now. I started a pretty cardigan a while back without knowing the baby’s gender so I chose a lovely natural white yarn (Sandnes Sisu 4ply) and a beautiful pattern (Baby Cardigan by Florence Merlin) for a fairly gender neutral cardigan. The pattern is a top down knit with lacy bands fanning out from neckline to the end of the yoke section. It is a joy to knit as it progresses quickly and it’s so tempting to do just one more row …..

imageThis week I heard that the baby is to be a boy so I sewed a blue button onto the cardigan and made a tiny shirt and short overalls. The shirt is Broderie Anglais, the overalls blue Oxford weave chambray. I had a great time sewing the little clothes, it was good to practice in preparation for making clothes for my own grandchild due towards the end of the year. image

With that in mind I bought a roll of beautiful cream flannel sheeting today, to make sheets for the Moses basket, pram and cot that the happy parents to be have bought. Washing and pegging out multiple yards of flannel was an easy task but ironing it all after the breeze had wrapped the fabric round and round the washing line was trickier! It is now wrapped back onto its roll and ready to be sewn once I have the measurements. The general theme is to be teddy bears so I have been looking out for some teddy quilting and embroidery patterns and found a lovely teddy bear blanket for the cot to knit designed by Debbie Bliss.




Blogging fail and some news.

I have been conspicuous by my absence recently, I have not posted any entries in the 100 happy days category despite having had lots of extremely happy days, I have written nothing about my outfit for the outfit along and been equally no communicative about the other knitting and sewing I’m busy with.

So for a very quick round up …. I’m going to catch up with the 100 happy days later

My outfit – the knitting is progressing slowly, maybe a 4 ply broken rib pattern wasn’t the best choice but I do like this pattern a lot. image


I’ve washed and ironed the fabric too so I have made some progress.

Other knitting, I’m almost finished a very pretty baby cardigan for a friend’s grandchild due to be born any day now, photos to follow. I’m sewing a little outfit to go with it.

I’ve almost finished a tiny pram suit for my grandchild, not due until mid December but I wanted to start something. It is the same design as the Winter Wonder pram suit I made for a friend who had a very tiny premature baby. This one is pale grey and natural for the contrast cuffs and pattern.



And finally a non-knitting project



The hunt for a Silver Cross coach built pram initially proved scarily expensive but I found this lovely pram on an auction site midweek, bid on it and won it. I will be collecting it this weekend and can then begin cleaning and restoring it. It is very similar in style to the ruby coloured pram I bought for my son when he was a baby – sadly the ruby ones are few and far between and are either pristine and hundreds of pounds or affordable and damaged beyond repair. This was a special order colour an airforce blue which came with either a navy or grey hood and apron. It is complete with no obvious damage other than a scratch near the base of the pram unit and some marks on the hood. It has it’s original apron and shopping tray and has been well looked after. So with a little bit of cleaning and restoration, a new mattress and bedding it will be fit for the grandchild! I would have loved to buy a new one but as my son said when he looked at the price (£1550) he’d expect it to have an engine for that!

Outfit Along 2014


I’m joining in with Outfit Along 2014, what an excellent idea from Andi Satterlund and Lladybird to make an outfit of a dress and cardigan – one sewn item, one knitted. There is an Outfit Along knitting pattern available called Myrna – a very pretty short sleeved cardigan , and a suggested dress pattern Simplicity 1803. Participants can however choose their own patterns so I will be knitting a 1950s cardigan with long sleeves and making a Vogue sundress from this Vintage Vogue pattern image