27 Dresses

This summer has been a summer of occasions, dressy occasions which has been very exciting. However my wardrobe was not full of appropriate “occasion wear”  outfits so over the last few months I’ve done a fair bit of shopping and making. My first shopping spree in April was for dresses suitable for dining out, weddings etc and I bought three dresses. Number 1 from Viyella is a plain cream dress with some black flowers stitched onto it and a narrow black belt.image


There was a matching jacket available but it was very short and had three quarter sleeves that barely passed my elbows, I have yet to find a suitable cream jacket with sleeves that are of any use, i.e. Do what sleeves are meant for, cover my arms. I have some black patent shoes and a plain black cardigan so just need a small black clutch bag to finish this outfit. The flowers are removable (with a pair of scissors)  so it can be worn with other colours. I wore this dress to Sarah’s wedding in June.

My next purchase was a black and cream “monochrome” patterned dress, also Viyella (I had some Viyella vouchers to spend) image


This is is a fairly plain shift dress, there is a matching scarf available but I wasn’t sure I’d want a scarf with a summer dress so didn’t buy it. I wore this dress to Sarah’s pre-wedding dinner.

Dress number 3 is a Phase Eight dress and by far my favourite of the three. It doesn’t dip at the left side of the hem as it looks in the photo I’m glad to say. imageIt is a lipstick red embroidered dress, beautifully lined with a net petticoat to give it extra flare. I have some matching red sandals and am knitting a red cardigan to wear with it. I’m planning to wear it or dress number 4 for my nephew’s wedding in August.

Dress number 4, I’ve also ordered one more from Hobbs, which is Delphinium blue. I’m waiting for that one to arrive. The reason for this extra dress is because I’m having some problems with fluid accumulating in my legs since the transplant and often can’t wear the shoes I plan to e.g. my red sandals. I do however have a pair of delphinium blue sandals which are comfortable to wear but don’t really go with any of the above dresses.



I love the look of this dress, and the colour but I’m not sure about the fabric, which yet again is polyester. Almost all the dresses I’ve liked in the shops this summer have been polyester, even the red dress above although it feels like cotton. It seems such an odd idea to make dresses for warm weather, and this year hot humid weather, in a fabric that doesn’t breathe.

That is the sum of my bought dresses, I’ll photograph some of my summery makes for next time.