Rosy dress.

this week’s make was encouraged by reading about Kids Clothes week. The idea is to sew for an hour a day and make something for a child.

I have been away from work since before Christmas with pneumonia and was due to return on Monday. An hour a day of sewing sounded manageable and despite the fact that I was very tired each evening I stuck to the plan and by Friday I’d made a dress for my granddaughter.

I used Citronille pattern Myrantine



I made it dress length and omitted the frill at the neckline, I thought it would be a little bulky around the baby’s neck. The fabric is Liberty print Kingly Cord, Rosy pattern, bought from Truro Fabrics. I bought half a metre of 140cm width fabric and had plenty.image



5 thoughts on “Rosy dress.

  1. I am having trouble understanding french instructions. Especially the back. Because i dont see where the center back is. Or how to do the back facing. Any help would be welcomed.

    • Thé centre back isn’t marked but if you draw a line through the crosses (X) representing where to sew the buttons on pieces 2 and 4 that will give you the centre back line. The solid dark line beside the crosses is the fold line for the facing. The illustration of the back view on the pattern looks as though there are only two buttons on the yoke and the skirt is joined at the back but the instructions show buttons and buttonholes right down the back and the pattern piece 4 has three buttons and buttonholes. I sewed buttons all the way down the back to make it easier to put the dress on and off a small baby. I hope this helps but please ask if I can help further.

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