Baby footwear

there seems to have been an explosion of baby shoes, pram shoes, boots and slippers for babies, both ready made and patterns. I can’t remember there being so much choice, if any, when my son was a baby. There were the little cotton sewn booties that were rather like a bag with elastic round the ankles, there were the traditional knitted booties and of course there were the leather pram shoes for the well – heeled!He wore mostly traditional knitted booties and later on had soft slipper socks made in Norway. image

His daughter at eight weeks already owns more pairs of shoes than I do, mainly fabric shoes, in all colours including a pair of silver glittery boots. Looking around the Internet for sewing patterns for her I found the Lilly Baby Mary Janes pattern for tiny felt shoes. Yesterday I spent a couple of happy hours making these. The pattern is not difficult, fiddly definitely, but



fun to sew. The possible colour combinations are endless and wool felt makes them very soft for tiny feet. The pattern is from and the wool felt I used was from I used the 30% wool 1mm thick felt for the outer shoes and the pure wool 1mm felt for the linings and inner soles. I bought a pack of different coloured sheets of the 30%wool felt so that I could make a few pairs in different colours. The sheets are 20×30 cms and are just big enough to make the smallest size from a single sheet with careful cutting. Sewing the straps was very fiddly, I’m amazed I still have all my fingers intact, the pattern gives instructions to hand sew the edges with buttonhole stitch but the illustration showed machine stitching so I tried that, I’ll use buttonhole stitch next time! As you can see the machine stitching on the straps isn’t very even, however the baby won’t mind and these are my first try.


3 thoughts on “Baby footwear

  1. Those are adorable! My daughter had a series of those slipper socks, in ever increasing sizes until she got big enough to run around and needed sturdier soles. Those little shoes make me think of spring. Lovely!

    • Thank you. The slipper socks were wonderful, the elastic held them in place and the soles were nonslip. I loved the stripey socks especially the red ones. There used to be a little shop in a local village that sold them along with matching hats and gloves.

  2. Oh those teeny tiny shoes are divine! I want them in every colour. I have to say, I’m also loving the slipper socks with leather soles…perfect for our slightly woolly floors. Remind me never to have a fluffy dog every again! 😉

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