Summer holidays

and I’m decorating the hall stairs and landing. I began by thinking I could paint over the existing wallpaper, mistake number one as it had a wipe-clean finish (which I might add was singularly unsuccessful) so the paint didn’t dry properly. I then began the lengthy process of removing the paper which was of course well glued onto the walls and covered in tacky emulsion paint. Under the paper I discovered some new cracks in the plaster and an area of blown plaster which disintegrated under the power of the steam stripper.

When decorating it is traditional to keep spirits and energy up with cups of tea and either Chocolate Digestive biscuits or Cafe Noir biscuits.

Chocolate digestives can be a bit of a liabilityimage especially in the later stages as chocolatey fingerprints on newly hung wallpaper are not a good look so Cafe Noir are my usual biscuit of choice. But what has happened … the normal packet has been replaced by a cardboard box and a “new recipe” label warns me of changes inside. imageNot only has the coffee taste been altered to a sweeter and weaker flavour but the biscuits have shrunk to approximately half their usual size – bah this is nonsense. I do not wish to have a mini biscuit with an apologetically mild coffee flavour that is too small to dunk in my mug of tea. Whatever were you thinking Mr McVitie, please return to the full size and full flavour biscuits before I am forced to find new decorating snacks!


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