Liten Fuggel.

Cold weather and little hands are not a good combination. Isabelle has grown out of her baby mittens so I started looking for some cosy toddler mitts.

Jorid Linvik designs wonderful knitting patterns, see her website at

I was torn between the Tango Elefant mittens and the Liten Fuggel ones but the possibility of knitting matching socks won the day for the Liten Fuggel. The mittens were great fun to knit, enough pattern to be a challenge but small enough to be a fairly quick knit. image image image

My only modification was to change the thumb colour to red instead of white. I think white would soon look dirty.

On Friday we tried the mittens on Isabelle, she was not impressed but will hopefully appreciate the warmth on chilly days. She loves wearing hats (just like her Daddy) but likes to be able to wriggle her fingers without gloves. At the moment gloves and socks are removed and discarded as soon as possible, fingers and toes are much too interesting to keep covered up!


More baby sewing

Cold days need warm clothes, a cosy needlecord pinafore dress over some lovely Frugi tights.The pinafore dress has a faced scalloped hem. The pattern is the MiniKrea Spencer dress, the needlecord from Truro fabrics. image

Leggings are quickly sewn and keep little legs warm, the jersey fabrics are from Kitschy Coo. The pattern is Brindille and Twig’s baby leggings.



And finally a bit of knitting, the pretty Alouette pattern by Frogginette, knitted in Rico wool double knit shade Rose