More baby sewing

Cold days need warm clothes, a cosy needlecord pinafore dress over some lovely Frugi tights.The pinafore dress has a faced scalloped hem. The pattern is the MiniKrea Spencer dress, the needlecord from Truro fabrics. image

Leggings are quickly sewn and keep little legs warm, the jersey fabrics are from Kitschy Coo. The pattern is Brindille and Twig’s baby leggings.



And finally a bit of knitting, the pretty Alouette pattern by Frogginette, knitted in Rico wool double knit shade Rose



Summer holidays

and I’m decorating the hall stairs and landing. I began by thinking I could paint over the existing wallpaper, mistake number one as it had a wipe-clean finish (which I might add was singularly unsuccessful) so the paint didn’t dry properly. I then began the lengthy process of removing the paper which was of course well glued onto the walls and covered in tacky emulsion paint. Under the paper I discovered some new cracks in the plaster and an area of blown plaster which disintegrated under the power of the steam stripper.

When decorating it is traditional to keep spirits and energy up with cups of tea and either Chocolate Digestive biscuits or Cafe Noir biscuits.

Chocolate digestives can be a bit of a liabilityimage especially in the later stages as chocolatey fingerprints on newly hung wallpaper are not a good look so Cafe Noir are my usual biscuit of choice. But what has happened … the normal packet has been replaced by a cardboard box and a “new recipe” label warns me of changes inside. imageNot only has the coffee taste been altered to a sweeter and weaker flavour but the biscuits have shrunk to approximately half their usual size – bah this is nonsense. I do not wish to have a mini biscuit with an apologetically mild coffee flavour that is too small to dunk in my mug of tea. Whatever were you thinking Mr McVitie, please return to the full size and full flavour biscuits before I am forced to find new decorating snacks!

MiniKrea Spencer dress.



My next sewing project was the Spencer kjole, a simple pinafore dress. I used a Liberty print corduroy from Truro fabrics ( Kingly Cord -Lauren in pink multi, £15.00 per metre), the pinafore took less than half a metre of fabric. The Kingly cord is very soft and fine wale making it ideal for baby clothing. The pattern is self faced to about waist height but in future I think I’d extend the facing to a full lining using a cotton fabric. It is a quick And easy make with few seams and two buttonholes which could be replaced with poppers to make it even simpler. For now it can be worn with a long sleeved t-shirt and tights but as the weather gets warmer it can be worn with a blouse or even as a sleeveless dress. I photographed it with the blouse but as it began snowing as I finished the dress I did think a long sleeved t-shirt and a cardigan would be more appropriate! image

Apologies for the poor photography, the daylight isn’t being very cooperative at the moment and it’s snowing so the sky is very overcast!

A new bundle of Citronille patterns arrived this morning so I should have some more baby clothes to show very soon and my little granddaughter’s wardrobe will be getting full!


Minikrea 10450 Buksedragt or Playsuit.

A Danish pattern this time, the Playsuit is a relatively quick make, MiniKrea patterns are well designed and include the basic model plus ideas and templates for some alternative styles.




I chose to make the basic version in a lovely soft baby corduroy from Truro Fabrics. The Playsuit has just two buttons to fastenat the bib, if I was making it again I’d alter the crotch seam to open to make  nappy changing easier. The multisized pattern comes drawn out on paper, once you trace off the required size you need to add seam allowances, 1 cm is recommended but I added 1.5 cm simply because I’m used to using that amount and knew I’d probably forget to use the smaller allowance once I got to the sewing machine. What do I like about the MiniKrea patterns, they are simple classic designs with interesting ideas included to make variations. Patterns include a few different sizes in each package. The instructions are clear and include photographs. I can read the instructions in Danish but English translations are available online at MiniKrea’s website ( in pdf. format. What would I change? Just the lack of easy access for nappy changes.



Underneath the Playsuit is another Broderie Anglais blouse, from a 26 year old Woman’s Weekly pattern, made in the final piece of 26 year old fabric left over from my son’s cot quilt.

27 dresses continued.

The blue dress shown in my last post arrived and was almost immediately returned due to the strange polyester fabric that made my skin crawl when I touched it as it felt so odd. The design and the colour were wonderful, and the dress suited me but I could not have worn it for more than a few minutes without wanting to tear it off, not a good idea at a wedding or indeed any social occasion! Made up in silk crepe it would have been delightful, and if I can find any fabric in that colour I’d happily make a dress from it as Delphinium blue is a splendid shade.

So I ended up looking online for a dress for Saturday’s wedding and found the perfect dress for the occasion. It is a cotton dress, yes cotton, lined and with the added bonus of a tulle underskirt to give it some extra flare. The colours are pink, browns and cream so it went well with my lovely tan strappy Lotta clogs  and a cream handbag. It is very pretty and was just right for a summer wedding in the Lake District. 


Despite a terrible forecast and heavy rain early on the sun came out in the afternoon and the wedding photos were taken in bright sunshine.

I have one more wedding to go to this summer, and one more dress to show but that will have to wait until after the wedding. Next time I will put up some of the things I’ve been sewing.

Blogging fail and some news.

I have been conspicuous by my absence recently, I have not posted any entries in the 100 happy days category despite having had lots of extremely happy days, I have written nothing about my outfit for the outfit along and been equally no communicative about the other knitting and sewing I’m busy with.

So for a very quick round up …. I’m going to catch up with the 100 happy days later

My outfit – the knitting is progressing slowly, maybe a 4 ply broken rib pattern wasn’t the best choice but I do like this pattern a lot. image


I’ve washed and ironed the fabric too so I have made some progress.

Other knitting, I’m almost finished a very pretty baby cardigan for a friend’s grandchild due to be born any day now, photos to follow. I’m sewing a little outfit to go with it.

I’ve almost finished a tiny pram suit for my grandchild, not due until mid December but I wanted to start something. It is the same design as the Winter Wonder pram suit I made for a friend who had a very tiny premature baby. This one is pale grey and natural for the contrast cuffs and pattern.



And finally a non-knitting project



The hunt for a Silver Cross coach built pram initially proved scarily expensive but I found this lovely pram on an auction site midweek, bid on it and won it. I will be collecting it this weekend and can then begin cleaning and restoring it. It is very similar in style to the ruby coloured pram I bought for my son when he was a baby – sadly the ruby ones are few and far between and are either pristine and hundreds of pounds or affordable and damaged beyond repair. This was a special order colour an airforce blue which came with either a navy or grey hood and apron. It is complete with no obvious damage other than a scratch near the base of the pram unit and some marks on the hood. It has it’s original apron and shopping tray and has been well looked after. So with a little bit of cleaning and restoration, a new mattress and bedding it will be fit for the grandchild! I would have loved to buy a new one but as my son said when he looked at the price (£1550) he’d expect it to have an engine for that!

Outfit Along 2014


I’m joining in with Outfit Along 2014, what an excellent idea from Andi Satterlund and Lladybird to make an outfit of a dress and cardigan – one sewn item, one knitted. There is an Outfit Along knitting pattern available called Myrna – a very pretty short sleeved cardigan , and a suggested dress pattern Simplicity 1803. Participants can however choose their own patterns so I will be knitting a 1950s cardigan with long sleeves and making a Vogue sundress from this Vintage Vogue pattern image